C.L. Askland’s Romeo and Juliet opera scored on an Akai LPK25

My upcoming musical theater opera, “Romeo and Juliet” was written with an Akai LPK25 two-octave USB keyboard. What? Muahaha, yes! In retrospect kind of hard to fathom, but there she is. I did all the music composition and beginning orchestration sketches in the Officer’s Bar of a cruise ship on my off time. The Akai LPK25 keyboard has convenient octave switching buttons on the side so I was able to easily navigate through bass and treble parts for fairly effortless composing. It was only a little tedious when doing soprano vocal lines; that’s when I really wish I had that extra octave. But hey, writing an opera on a two octave keyboard that fits in my computer bag – I’ll take that! Thank you Akai for an awesome product!

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Witches! the Musical – Auditions June 5-6, 2012 – Mount Vernon, WA



















Auditions for “Witches! the Musical” June 5-6, 2012 at the Historic Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA. ¬†Show dates will be Oct. 19-Nov. 3 at the Lincoln Theater. This is a world premiere show about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. For more info and audition signups visit http://www.WitchesMusical.com.

Produced by TAG – the Theater Arts Guild of Skagit County.



Video: Short Version of Chapeaugraphy-Act Tabarin – Chapeau.

Have you ever heard of Chapeaugraphy? It’s the comedy act of taking a single piece of circular felt and twisting it to make many different types of hats. The roots go back to the streets of Paris, France almost 400 years ago.

The video above will give you a feel for the essence of the act.

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Definition of Entertainment

Did you know that the latin root of ¬†“to entertain” means “to hold between”? (Official dictionary definition at the end of this blog post). When an audience is no longer held, they are no longer being entertained. The mighty brass ring for any theatrical production is to keep the audience engaged so they are not looking at their watches and counting the minutes until intermission.

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