Askland Piano Nocturne #6


My Nocturne #6 from the album “Piano Nocturnes Conrad Askland”. A friend of mine selected this as one of their favorites and made the video for me. Thank you so much!

I made these recordings in 2003 I think. It was very late at night, like midnight or one o’clock in the morning in a church sanctuary in Hesperia, CA. I recorded many improvisations on an old Chickering Grand piano and then selected my favorites for the album.

To me, most of the songs on the album are true nocturnes. I think they are best to be listened to alone late at night. The listener can infuse the music with their own thoughts and recollections.

Available on Itunes. After many years of living in China and not having my music available online I’m finally getting some of my library back up. I hope people enjoy it.

Thank you also to Deb Carole who was with me at this original recording session at the church. She gave me insight as to what she thought worked and didn’t work. And gave me inspiration to stay awake because we recorded for many hours. Thanks Deb!

6 thoughts on “Askland Piano Nocturne #6

  1. Very nice,you are amazing, I could listed to this ALL day over and over again, and never get tired oflistening to it!! Keep up the good work!!

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