Actor’s Equity Staged Reading Guidelines

I was looking up information about setting up a staged reading for a new musical. Found these staged reading guidelines from Actor’s Equity.

Click to access Stage_Reading_Guidelines.pdf

Actors’ Equity Association will permit Equity Actors (“Actors”) to participate in Stage Readings upon completion of the attached forms and under the following guidelines:

1) The Stage Reading shall in no way be construed to supplant, nor shall it be used to avoid, any existing Performance Code, Backers’ Audition Code, or Contract, including the LORT Casual Contract .

2) Rehearsal hours are limited to a maximum of 15 hours (20 hours for musicals) for rehearsals and  actual Reading(s), such times to be at the Actor’s convenience. If the total hours for the rehearsal(s) and Reading(s) extend beyond the specified number of hours previously listed, but no more than 29 hours, then each Equity Actor is to receive a stipend of $100.00 in addition to basic transportation reimbursement. Should the combined rehearsal/Reading hours for the Reading extend beyond 29 then the production must be placed on a Staged Reading Contract.

3) Maximum of three (3) Readings. All Readings and rehearsals must be within a 14-day period.

4) No sets, props, wigs, make-up, or costumes.

5) No advertising or reviews.

6) No admission charged or donations solicited; cannot be offered as a “subscriber bonus.”

7) No solicitation for or of backers.

8) For invited audiences only. (If Programs are provided, the names of all AEA members in the production are to be designated by an asterisk (*) with the indication that Actors and Stage Managers so designated are members of Equity)

9) Book in hand, no memorization, only minimum staging with no choreography permitted.

10) Actors must be reimbursed at no less than their actual expenses as submitted by Actor. (If the Actor(s) reside outside of the five boroughs then a reimbursement rate for transportation should be established).

11) No Non-Resident Aliens may be used under the terms of these Guidelines.

12) No televising, broadcasting, visual and/or sound recording, motion picture filming or videotaping, in whole or in part.

13) Producer agrees to actively solicit ethnic minorities, women and actors with disabilities (consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act) for the current Reading and for all future Readings.

14) All rehearsal and presentation spaces must be wheelchair accessible.

15) These Stage Reading Guidelines must be posted at all rehearsals and presentations.

16) The Actor is hereby notified that participating in a Stage Reading Guidelines Presentation is not considered employment with reference to the Rehearsal Rules in either the Production Contract or the Off-Broadway Contract, both of which are entitled Attendance at.

17) There may be only one use of the Stage Reading Guidelines per project within a six-month period without the express written permission of Equity.

Equity reserves the right to determine whether or not the Stage Reading is being used to avoid or supplant any of said Codes or Contracts. If, either before or after the Reading, Equity, in its sole discretion, believes this to be the case, the Code or Contract, which Equity deems applicable, shall govern. Further, Equity reserves the right to require the Actors be properly contracted if these regulations are exceeded.


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