Adelaide, Australia photos 2023

Adelaide, Australia photos late August 2023. We only did one week of shows in Adelaide Australia which only gave me a couple days to explore the city. It’s a fairly small city compared to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It’s very charming and the highlights for me was the Botannical Gardens, University of Adelaide and the National Gallery of South Australia (NGSA).

The University campus was beautiful and they had flags hanging all over campus with the inspirational motto: “Make History”. I thought, how awesome it must be to go to a university that has such a grand challenge as that. I hope the students take it to heart, to make history (in a good way!).

At the National Gallery I was given permission by security to record video in front of the paintings. So on my YouTube channel you’ll see a few Short Videos where I introduce the painting and then animate those classic paintings singing different pop and hip hop songs. I wish I had thought of doing that at other museums like the Louvre! (FYI – on my TikTok channel I do have Mona Lisa singing the “Milkshake” song)

Here’s the photos from Adelaide, Australia:

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