Bulgarian Idol 2 – Mariah Carey


This is what happens when someone sings a song phonetically in English, but doesn’t actually speak any English. A sober reminder to the rest of us that have tried to learn a karaoke song in Mandarin or Cantonese and think that we’re “pretty darn close”.

Bulgarian Idol 2 female vocal audition sings the song Without You – Mariah Carey.

Here’s the dialog:
The woman: I’m gonna sing a Mariah Carey song called ” Can Li”
One of the judge: ”Can Li” !?! You mean Without You ?
The woman: No!
One of the judge: Ok go ahead
and then after her performance One of the judge said
What was that language?
The woman: English

4 thoughts on “Bulgarian Idol 2 – Mariah Carey

  1. Hehee! They don’t say English is a difficult language without reason.

    Reminds me of listening to someone near and dear sing a very strange song – “Pooky Lada”. Pooky Lada? This individual only speaks English, but I couldn’t place the song even though the melody was familiar.

    “What’s the name of the song you’re singing?” I asked.
    “Pooky Lada” she replied. “Who sings it?” “REO Speedwagon.”

    The real name and lyrics? In Your Letter. Still can’t hear it without grinning.

  2. Mariah brings happiness to the people, magic,musical magic, I hope she goes to Heaven. God Bless her!

  3. This is actually disappointing on a whole different level than most might think. The fault is not entirely the singer’s, although she should have chosen a song that she knew the lyrics to. But let us not forget that her interpretation of that song is based solely on Mariah’s performance! Had Mariah sung clearly and enunciated her words, it wouldn’t have sounded like, “Can Li,” when it’s actually Can’T LiVe.” This problem is rampant in modern music, especially pop, and this is a great (and hilarious) example of it!

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