Canon 5D Mark II and iMovie 09

I just love my Canon 5D Mark II camera that I bought a few months ago. But there are issues with the footage being jerky when using IMovie 09. I haven’t quite had the time to jump into using Final Cut yet, so until then you can use a free program called MPEG Streamclip to fix the video stuttering.

There’s a great article here that will explain exactly what do to:

I’ve bought so many doo-dads for my camera (including gear from Zacuto) that it’s a bit silly I’m not using Final Cut pro yet or writing my own soundtracks (since that’s what I do for a living), but that’s to come. I actually even moved into a larger apartment so I could setup chroma key and a photography studio. Maybe I should learn how to use the gear!

One thought on “Canon 5D Mark II and iMovie 09

  1. Canon indeed makes awesome products! I have a Canon Rebel Xsi, and still haven’t begun to tap its
    potential after two years of continual use. If the recording feature performs anywhere near the quality
    level of its photo capabilities, you’ve got a monster power in your hands – enjoy!

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