CDS Zaia closing Feb 19, 2012













Macau, China – Just announced to the cast and crew of the Cirque Du Soleil show Zaia that it is closing in Macau and last performance date will be Feb 19, 2012. Official announcements are currently being made by Cirque publicly. Zaia opened as a resident show at the Venetian Macau resort and casino in September 2008.












5 thoughts on “CDS Zaia closing Feb 19, 2012

  1. It was a surprise for all of us at this particular time. However it’s common knowledge that we thought the show was closing in January 2010 – so that experience was a good “heads up” to prepare for the inevitable. I’m very thankful I had that extra two years of the run to prepare so many things for the long haul

    At this point all artists are having meetings with casting to look into options on other shows. For me, I’m going to take a nice break, see opportunities come my way and then act accordingly. I’m in a good place so I’m kind of excited about the next project.

    Every show comes to an end, it’s the nature of the business I picked for my profession. Always sad and exciting at the same time.

    Cirque has been an amazing experience for me. It’s everything I thought it would be. A really mind blowing group of people to work with.

  2. I ment it will be exciting to see what happens next….sorry, major toothache and doped up on pain killers….:(

  3. Thanks for your blog, it was alot of help when I first moved here, sad to see Zaia and the few friends I made there go, wish everyone all the best for the future.

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