Chinese: Lost in Translation

I’m on week six now of private Mandarin Chinese lessons. Everyone says the best way to learn is just to jump in and make a fool of yourself, which I have been doing to excess. I thought I’d share some of my faux pas that were “Lost in Translation”.

  • What I meant to say: Hey guys!
    What I actually said: Hello to my little sister.
  • What I meant to say: Excuse me miss.
    What I actually said: Excuse me prostitute.
  • What I meant to say: I’m the big dog.
    What I actually said: I’m a worthless piece of dirt.
  • What I meant to say: I like Bruce Lee.
    What I actually said: I want to eat Bruce Lee.
  • What I meant to say: You are nice.
    What I actually said: I want you.
  • What I meant to say: This is my nose.
    What I actually said: Shut up bitch.

My teacher was not very happy when I told her “This is my nose.”

2 thoughts on “Chinese: Lost in Translation

  1. Nothing like a good belly-laugh to start the day 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Your tutor probably thinks teaching you is a riot!

  2. In Hungarian
    What I meant to say was “I’m tired.”
    What I actually said was, “I’m men’s briefs.”

    Also trying to tell people I don’t speak Hungarian was actually me telling the Hungarian people, “YOU don’t speak Hungarian.” Months went by before anyone corrected that one. I kept wondering what the coy smiles I was getting were about!

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