Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA Performance on China TV


Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA Performance on China TV. This was a promo excerpt shot for Chinese television – it is not a live shot from the ZAIA theater in Macau.

2 thoughts on “Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA Performance on China TV

  1. Insanely beautiful – like there’s an absolutely supernatural union between the singer, music and acrobats.

  2. The first song in the video is a very special song for most of us in the band. For me it is a place of sacred sanctuary. I keep that in mind each time we play it in the show. We work a lot on things like that in our music – elements behind the scenes for the intention.

    We don’t put it into words because it is a different expression for each musician depending on their cultural background. For me, in this song I am in a holy sanctuary because that has meaning for me with my cultural background. Sometimes in my mind I imagine I’m in the sanctuary of a church I used to work at in Mount Vernon, WA – but the walls are stone and it is thousands of years old. I like that visual.

    I don’t know how music is with other Cirque shows – but in our show we spent a lot of time early on trying to dig deep. Our hope is that some of that translates beyond words into the music.

    One thing I love about music, and I guess it applies to almost anything, is that you never quite arrive – it’s all the journey.

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