Cirque ZAIA Helps Macau Children

For Christmas 2008 the cast of Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show, along with matching funds from Cirque, have raised over 45,000 MOP ($5,500 USD) to buy Christmas clothing packages for the babies and children of CRADLE OF HOPE and the FOUNTAIN OF HOPE groups in Macau (SAR) China.

ZAIA artists and staff helped wrap the gifts and even took the older children on shopping trips in Macau to pick out their own clothes. A couple days before Christmas the older children will get to see the ZAIA show live and meet Cirque artists in person. Merry Christmas Macau!

2 thoughts on “Cirque ZAIA Helps Macau Children

  1. What a wonderful thing to do!

    May you, and each Zaia member be especially blessed this Christmas
    season. Macau has been given much through the generousity and talents
    of this very special gathering of artists.


  2. Love that. Crossroads Covenant is doing its “Christmas Presence” thing again Christmas Eve–the event that kept me from singing in your chorus. The list last year was 150 folks without the means to provide presents for their own families and we hosted a banquet dinner for them too. This year we are hosting 450+! They just kept coming to sign up. I’ve been busy shopping and wrapping and will hopefully get there to play clean-up crew for the dinner as well. It’s really kinda wild and overwhelming. I’m finding it helps to keep busy as I try to walk this grief thing for Dave. The pain is vast in our little arts community. Wow. Hundreds of people made their way through snowy, trecherous conditions for his memorial at McIntyre. They will dedicate the fly line to him and establish the Dave Mumford Theatrical Technician Memorial Scholarship for him too. Sigh. I am no where ready for him to not be grinning his cheeky smile as I round any corner in this valley, particularly at Mac. Anyway … you in the distant land–know you are loved and missed my friend. Merry Christmas from a frozen white arctic Pacific Northwest. Oh, my good news is I am choreographer for Fiddler and get to be in it too. That will help.

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