Email Q&A: Keyboard Patch Changes

Email question received:

I’m just starting to play more shows with patch changes and such. Is there computer software that’s best for setting this up and controlling. Right now I control throughout the keyboard pedal. I’ve seen on broadway they have computers hooked up to the keyboards. Any help is great.


Hey Matt,

For my current show I trigger my patch changes manually. My patches run in Kontakt and I trigger from a controller keyboard. Many of my patches I programmed with splits and multi-patches that trigger at different velocities so I can cover a lot of sounds within one custom patch.

If you are using Ableton Live 8 you can use Max for Live to automatically trigger patch changes at key points. You can also send patch changes to other instrumentalists.

I know there is software you can setup to do a series of patch changes in a linear fashion. In other words, you can setup 60 patch changes in a row and just trigger “next” for the next patch change. But I have personally not used this in any shows I’ve done.

You can do all this with Ableton Live 8 with Max For Live. I’d suggest learning it because so many shows are using it now.

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