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Email question received:

Hello there Conrad I’ve been following ur work and website for a long time.

I’m a music producer and i want to know how i can find successful jobs in
music business it self in the industry.

I work with softwares such as Logic pro 8, reason, pro tools.

Looking forward to ur email

Thank you!


I may be the wrong person to ask this question. I usually get really cool jobs and my friends ask me, “How did you get that job?” – And I really don’t know.

But I’ll tell you the little bit that I THINK is the reason you get jobs: Real connections with people. When I’ve had real friends that I liked being around – those were the ones who hooked me up with jobs. I’ve never been one to “hob know” at parties or “make connections” – maybe that works for some people.

I think it was Abraham Lincoln who said “Study hard and your time will come” – or something like that. You have to be ready to do what you want to do BEFORE it comes along.

So in that respect keep your bar high. Always demand the best from yourself when possible. If you don’t feel like giving your best, then you’re not doing what you should be doing. When you’re doing what moves you, it won’t matter what the pay is – you will be compelled to do your best. You’ll have no other choice.

People that say “Well, I could have done better but the money wasn’t there” – I don’t think they get it.

Also, be polite to people – even when they are rude or cut you down. When you know where you’re going those little things won’t bother you. Think long term.

Read the Desiderata. Google it. Good advice.

How to make the contacts? One good piece of advice (which I never did, but wish I had earlier in my life) is to research the company you want to work with; then just walk in the door. Pick your top picks. The ones that move you.

Meanwhile keep working on your craft. Do what you’re moved to do. Don’t listen to people that discourage you. You may fail miserably and never do anything. Is it worth the effort? I think it is. That’s why I do it.

It’s far better to fail miserably at a grand and noble goal, than to succeed at a safe bet.

I know it’s not the phone number you might have wanted, but I hope that helps.

2 thoughts on “Finding Jobs in Music Business

  1. Hello there once again.

    Firstly i wanted to thank you for replying to my email very soon. It really helps when you speak to someone thats already gone through the route that you are planning to go on. I’ve always said to myself that follow your ambition, dream & goal and think positive because at the end of the day you must think about the people that are upthere and had your difficulty before.

    Life is never easy.. Right?

    My difficulty is that my dream is music and at the moment i’m studying something totally different in university which is a big pain in the ass.


    When i come home i’m on my piano at all of the time thinking about new ideas but never thinking about the study i’m doing at uni. Its like i dont care.

    My parents have very high expectations from me and i do not want to dissapoint them.

    Help me decide.
    & i’m sorry.

  2. Mmmmm……. that’s where I have to bow out. It’s your road – I know you already know that.

    Ever hear the phrase: “If you see Buddha on your path, kill him.” If you take my path it won’t work for you. You have your own and only you can see it. (Don’t you HATE IT when people say that…)

    I would take a bet that your parents want you to be happy. Finish your degree and then do what you want. I would be surprised if that would not seem reasonable to them.

    In the end, your own passion will lead you and nothing anyone says will change where you are drawn to. The only crime is to not follow your passion.

    *gets down off soapbox*

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