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Received this question about the character Mayzie La Bird from Seussical:

I’m trying out for MAYZIE LA BIRD and i was wondering what song i should sing? and what vocal range does she need?


In Seussical the Musical, Mayzie La Bird is the antagonist and well experienced city girl. She’s the “Bette Midler” of Seussical. She’s brassy and street smart. Her counterpart is Gertrude, the innocent ingenue and protagonist.

For an audition song for the part of Mayzie, I would suggest something brassy and/or big traditional broadway. A song that says “Here I am!”. Look for any songs Bette Midler or Liza Minelli would have done. “Cabaret” would be a great song.

We had a great Mayzie for our production, Ashely Henning. She sings great traditional Broadway. After doing Mayzie she had leads in “Little Women” and “Evita”, to give you an idea of the character. Mayzie could be played by a wide range of ages – but she does have a baby, so take that into account. Younger actresses might go for Gertrude, or if you have a powerful bluesy voice you could tryout for the Purple Kangaroo (a very fun role).

Mayzie’s songs in Seussical the Musical are what I would call “Torch Songs”, and usually played by a mature voice (18 years and older).

Hope you have fun. Seussical was a very fun musical to perform. Musicians that have worked with me count it as one of their favorites. In fact I recently received an email from a cello player who says it’s bar they use to judge the fun of all other musical productions.

Auditioning for a musical is one of the hardest processes to endure. The more you do, the better you’ll get at it. The first couple auditions might be (read “probably will be”) bad experiences and embarrassing, just keep doing it if you want parts.

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24 thoughts on “Q&A: Seussical Mayzie La Bird Tryout Tips

  1. i am mayzie in the production seussical! and it is sooo fun!! i love the part in amayzing horton when she sings “ill cry” and goes high-low-high…that is awesome!! and i love just beliting it out!! hee hee well got to go and practice…ps listening to the songs about a million times helps memorize..lol for people who dont memorize well

    and if u like singing but have more of an acting role in a play,but are having a hard time memorzing just put ur lines into a song..thats wut i do sometimes and it really helps

  2. Im auditioning for seussical in the fall. I wasnt quite sure what to try out for due to the fact I have never had the opertunity to see the show. This helped alot. I will probably audition for mayzie now, weather i get or not is a different story. haha –thanks for posting this though.

  3. I’m Mayzie now and Here’s some tips for you-
    1. Mayzie is like over-the-top, girly, fun, selfish, vain, and a little bit annoying… oh and manipulative. Play like that in the audition
    2. As for audition songs I sang Cabaret from Cabaret before even knowing too much about Mayzie and got lucky. This is a very good song to sing. Or really anything jazzy like think Chicago.
    3. Mayzie in the show advocates taking pills to make Gertrude’s tail bigger cause that’s what she did, so In my opinion it helps if you’re more “developed”
    Good luck with your audition and If you do get Mayzie make sure you give the role all the extravagance it deserves! =]

  4. oh i lovve Mayzie , in this year i acting inseussical to…bird grl!my costume raellly amazing becausse very difficult to others them i saw all watch them. bother bird girls and mayzie ‘s clothe color is red ,yellow,and pink but mine is i think very bright of all. mayzies tail is very loong i think ours too.all right i think this is good of all seussical theathres because we are very bright and talened.:)

  5. I’m trying out for Mayzie and i cannot wait! For our school, she gives a song we have to audition with. Mayzie’s audition piece is “How Lucky You Are” where she’s telling the story of how she got and egg and trying to pawn her egg off on Horton. Thanks for the tips! Wish me luck!

  6. I play cat in the hat in suessical jr.! But my friend is mayzie.:) So i think she really fun and very jazzy and SCANDOULOUS! She is my fave character! thanks for reading my post! PTYL! (post to you l8r) 😮

  7. im mayzie in FOD’s production and i am really excited!!!! i love the song “How Lucky you Are” mayzie is really a self centered girly girl (think prom queen, head cheerleader, ect.) and needs a really good voice to hit all those high notes (the long “meeee” at the end of “amayzing mayzie, ect.) and needs to be way over the top and dramatic. hope i helped!

  8. I was Mayzie in my schol play, and bassically, you have to be selfish, bratty, and sly. She is a BLAST to play. Hope you get the part!

  9. i have just got the part of mayzie and i love she is realy uptite thats my all over. the advice realy helped i read before the aduitions and i got the part so thanks alot. good luck for alll of you trying for these parts .

  10. Doing this for middle school musical! Wanted to be Mayzie or the Kangroo so badly but I’m under the age for principal parts. So I have to try out for General, like the inhabitants of the Jungle of Nool or the Citizens of Whoville. Going to be a Jungle Person!

  11. My highschool is doing Seussical and our audition is in a little over a week and I don’t know what song or monologue to do. The song and monologue are supposed to contrast eachother. I’m already doing a monologue for the part of Gertrude. (I kissed a boy once from… gotta look up where it’s from again) but I don’t know what song to do because I want it to portray just a little bit of Kangaroo and a little bit of Mayzie. I need a song full of attitude and vanity. Any help?

  12. How about something from Chicago. There are songs with attitude and vanity. Songs from Bette Midler or Liza Minnelli could be good. “New York New York” is a classic that’s easy to learn and you can strut on that. These are older examples but ones that might lead the directors to cast you as a Mayzie if you can pull it off.

  13. Hey! I’m trying out for Mayzie and I have seen Seussical, so I would sing one of her songs, but I’m best at singing Biggest Blame Fool, I found out. I’m putting some Mayzie attitude in it! Toodle-oooo! (Heh, Heh.)

  14. I auditioned for Seussical and got the part of Mayzie. She was so fun to play! A helpful tip is to act while singing when auditioning. If you have a great voice for Mayzie but your face is expressionless, most times they will not pick you. In addition to acting while you sing, it’s important to have good breath support (take a breath from your belly) when hitting those long notes during an audition.

  15. Mayzie is definitely a LOUD role so be prepared to belt! I was in suessical and will be doing it again in summer! I was a who (opposite of mayzie) but I just love mayzie! So fun, street smart, and just a little quirky. Our fabulous Mayzie was perfect and don’t go out for this role is you are afraid to really be confident. You’ve got to have fun!

  16. I am Mayzie in Seussical right now and it is SO HARD but it’s worth it! I keep tripping over my tail though..

  17. hey, I want to try out for Mayzie but also Gertrude and I’m conflicted on who to go for I can’t pick my own audition song the school gives it to us. Please give me some tips for both or just Mayzie idc but Gertrude would nice too. I’m just really nervous and auditions are in October. : )

  18. Wow! I got the role of Mayzie in Seussical and I sang Don’t rain on my parade from Funny girl because it is a really peppy song and it says here I am!

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