Roger Ragusa

Mount Vernon, WA – Our own (dare we admit it?) Roger Ragusa has made good on his promise and strolled the length of Downtown Mount Vernon in his costume to generate donations for the Theater Arts Guild. He was a good sport about it and did not try to weasel out of it in anyway. By doing so he has earned $500 for the TAG general fund.

Roger Ragusa – Modern day superhero and defender of good citizens against evil. Do not let outward appearances fool you. Mr. Ragusa is rumored to be a highly trained Navy Seal and international martial arts expert. Here we see him undercover on a secret mission. He blends in with his surroundings so as to not give away his identity.

Can you spot him in this photograph? Look carefully. I’ll give you a hint – he might be between the trees.

This is not just a picture of a street corner. Roger is also camouflaged in this picture. Hint – Look between the cars. If you don’t see him at first, try blurring your eyes a bit and look deep into the picture.

Two women walking a dog on a rainy day. Or is it? Yes folks, Roger is also in this picture. This time I give you no hints, you are on your own.

During our walk a local shop owner says hello. Or is it? Yes, tricked you again. That’s no shop owner, that’s Roger Ragusa. The “invisible man” and “man of a thousand faces”.

Another street shot. Roger might be in this photo and he might not be. I’ll let you decide…

Last stop at the Lincoln Theater with a lady working at the ticket booth – HEY WAIT! That’s no ticket lady, that’s Roger again? How does he do it? We do not know…

3 thoughts on “Roger Ragusa

  1. Mr. Ragusa is clearly in violation of City by-law 29B,
    as evidenced in photograph two.

    Please be advised that a fine of 79.00 will be issued in
    his name, requiring immediate payment, or a personal
    appearance to argue said penalty before a City Magistrate,
    on a specified date. This option is inadvisable, given a
    local Judge suffered loss by theft, of an outfit remarkably
    similar to the one worn by Mr. Ragusa in photos.

    However, in light of Mr. Ragusa’s outstanding efforts to
    support and promote the Arts within the community, this
    issuing officer would gladly destroy all carbon copies of
    said ticket, if Mr. Ragusa would be willing to provide an
    answer to a question so many of us ladies ask…

    “How do we smoke our cigars without burning a hole in
    our hosiery?”

    (Kudos to Mr. Ragusa! His efforts have undoubtedly brought
    attention to local theatre, and provided much enjoyment to
    his fellow thespians. Now that’s show-biz!)

  2. I can’t believe Roger would do such a thing…I mean, a leopard print hat with a sheer red top and black slip…didn’t go together at all….


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