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Here’s a song I wrote that includes Freddy Fender playing on the guitar solo. Honey Will You Love Me (When There’s No Money in the Bank) is one of the few songs up to that time where I also sang the lead vocal, and one of the only tracks I don’t play on. I usually prefer to use studio vocalists as it’s always fun to see what different life they breathe into a song.

Honey Will You Love Me – MP3 File

There are some great players on this track. At the time I wrote this song I was playing with Freddy Fender of the Texas Tornados so I was lucky enough to have many of the Tornados players on this track.

The inspiration for this song was my personal life at the time as well as Auge Meyers. Augie also played with Freddy Fender when I did so I was able to hang with him a lot. He is the true voice of Texas music and using “spanglish” on songs. He is the writer of Hey Baby Que Paso, Guacamole and dozens of other hits. I like the driving 8th note rhythm of “Who Were You Thinking Of” by the Texas Tornados, so I used that vibe for this song. Also incorporated a little “spanglish” and kept the content ideas very simple. It was fun to rhyme “millionaire” with “ran out of beer”, etc. Part of the colloquial charm of a piece like this.

This particular piece has gotten pretty good universal feedback from people. Much of my work is in such specific genres that only people in those genres appreciate it, but this piece seems to have a crossover appeal.

The instrumental tracks were recorded in Las Vegas, NV at the Gold Coast hotel and casino while we were playing there for a week engagement with Freddy. I think drum tracks had already been laid down previously. I lived in Victorville at the time which is just about 3 hours from Vegas, so I actually took a whole truckload of my gear and set it up in the hotel room so I could work during the week. Hotel security got called at one point because of the volume, so we hauled everything down to our dressing room down by the swimming pool and I finished tracking there. Freddy was very nice to play a short solo section on the track.

During that week I got an amazing amount of tracking done. There was a pretty busy karaoke bar at the casino, and I would hire vocalists from there to lay down tracks. The vocalist for my rendition of the Lord’s Prayer was also found there – at a Las Vegas karaoke bar!

This is one song I always hoped a headline artist would pick up.


Honey will you love me when there’s no money in the bank?
Digame baby, c’mon what do you think?
Now I aint much at being elegant
So I’m just askin’ you right up front
Honey will you love me when there’s no money in the bank?

Now the chica before you, she didn’t treat me so well
Said she loved me, but she meant just for a spell
She looked at me just like a millionaire
But that all stopped when I ran out of beer
So will you say “te llamo” when there’s no money in the bank?

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  1. Have heard this one many times…got a lot of play here. You wrote this?
    Awesome! One of those catchy tunes you find yourself singing along with.

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