Song with Freddy Fender on Guitar

Honey Will You Love Me is a song I wrote and Freddy Fender plays on the guitar solo. More Song Info.

Honey Will You Love Me – MP3 File

This song makes me happy when I listen to it. We were playing with Freddy for a week run at the Gold Coast casino in Las Vegas. I kept a very intense schedule at the time so I brough my recording gear with me so I could do tracking in the hotel room during the week. We would only play a couple hours a night, and I would always get ancy if I didn’t feel like I was getting more done.

I took a break from tracking and went down to the coffee shop for lunch and Freddy was there. He invited the guitar player and myself to have lunch with him. (Which always meant that he was buying, so Yeah!). After lunch I asked him if he would lay down a guitar solo and he said sure, let’s go.

Freddy met me ten minutes later down in the green room. We had a little “green room” to greet guests before shows and pig out on the backstage snacks, and I had brought my gear down there because tracking in the hotel room was a bit noisy.

Here’s the part that makes me happy. He listened to the track once, then we ran it and he played his solo. I normally get about five or six takes of solos and thought he could do a bit better, so I rolled it back for another take. I tell him we’re going to do another take and he says “Why? That’s what I played!”. He didn’t understand doing another take, because he had already played what he wanted to play. Of course I didn’t correct him, after all, he’s Freddy Fender.

The happy part: The solo isn’t perfect, but it’s Freddy – and I love that. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have lots of training and I’ve read a lot of books – but Freddy just had a natural gift for music. He was an innocent in a profession that’s loaded with sharks.

So listen to the song and when Freddy’s guitar solo comes up, picture him in that little back room at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas doing his one take. The perfect take. Freddy’s solo is the first half of the guitar solo.
Long live Freddy Fender’s music.


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