Squid Answers

Answers by Conrad

Wow, this picture even scares me. Thank you (or curse you!) to my Canadian friend for creating this monstrosity and sending to me.

Yes, that’s me in the crown. And I should explain the octopus but it’s a little confusing. I’m not sure how it started, but my alter ego on many of my websites as admin is a squid. I think it started because I run so many websites but don’t post a lot on them, so people would say I just came up for air every once in a while and then would submerge mysteriously. Over the years it’s progressed to me actually posting squid videos in my profiles. I think it’s fun for members to think a squid runs their website, I don’t know.

I guess that’s how we get some of our strange traditions and cultural memes over generations. Something starts out making sense and then it gets all convoluted.

2 thoughts on “Squid Answers

  1. Lol, I was actually surprised to see this picture posted. I sent it for two reasons.

    First, I didn’t understand the ‘geek-speak’ valentine post, and so I created this goofy picture and sent it along with an email request for an explanation. True to form, you provided the answer I was looking for.

    Secondly, I knew you had been working like a fiend updating forums, and weren’t likely to give yourself a break without a good distraction.

    The forum updates are terrific, so I’d like to say “well done”, and how appreciated your efforts are. Not only do you provide an education in multiple arenas, but allow us to make contact with others around the world who share similar interests. I’m not sure how you manage to field the thousands of questions that must come your way, but you always provide me with a timely and correct answer. (Thus the “Eye ‘n’ Stein (Einstein) reference in the picture.)

    However silly the crown may seem, you definitely deserve our thanks and recognition – keep up the outstanding work.

  2. Aha! “Eye ‘n’ Stein” – I didn’t get that before. Thanks for explaining. I was thinking “Eyeinbeer”, what’s that?

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