Synergy Brass Quintet – Mozart Horn Concerto


This is the third movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Horn Concerto Number 2, originally written for a natural horn (without valves) and a small orchestra. Jon Hurrell of Synergy Brass Quintet performs the piece in Haydn Hall in the Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt, Austria.

I have to admit I’ve watched this five times today. It’s a great balance between musical artistry and showmanship. Now I did see another live performance of this group where Jon Hurrell went a little over the top with schmaltz to please the audience and the performance was more effected. But this performance is a bullseye to me. And in the end, we all have to sell tickets.

Having played French Horn (I guess in contemporary times it’s changed to just “horn”) for 7 years when I was younger, I have great appreciation for how difficult it is to do the smallest stage moves and still maintain embouchure and tone.

One of the great embarrassments of my life was playing French Horn in my Sophomore year of High School for the county judges and not receiving the high score. I was mortified. And it was the Mozart Horn Concerto in Bb that I played.

So Mr. Jon Hurrell, my hat is off to you for your presentation. And also a very fine group of players in the rest of the group – the trumpet player is very impressive in his delicate approach.

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