Q&A: How to Prepare for a Cirque Audition

Email question received:

Hi Conrad,

I stumbled across your website when researching Cirque composers. I  am a student at Musicians Institute LA, and i have been invited to audition with cirque here in LA next tuesday. I am a keyboardist and guitarist (acc/elect) and was wondering whether you had any tips regarding how to make the best impression at the audition. I have picked 2 pieces on keys and one of guitar, as well as a piece of my choice.

I love the cirques music, feeling and message and i dearly hope to give the best performance that i can possibly give at the audition.

(name edited)

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Cirque Du Soleil Hong Kong Auditions Oct. 20-21 2008

Auditions 2008 Hong Kong
Auditions 2008 Hong Kong

Cirque Du Soleil auditions in Hong Kong October 20-21, 2008. Visit http://www.CirqueDuSoleil.com for details on future audition locations and job openings.

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