Cirque Du Soleil Hong Kong Auditions Oct. 20-21 2008

Auditions 2008 Hong Kong
Auditions 2008 Hong Kong

Cirque Du Soleil auditions in Hong Kong October 20-21, 2008. Visit for details on future audition locations and job openings.

I have many people contact me for the “inside scoop” on auditioning. I don’t really have that for you because Cirque always looks for different things. But I can tell you it’s an incredible company to work for – and if you want to work hard then it’s a good place to be. Audition!

Some people get into Cirque within months and others have to wait many years. It all depends on the right match and the right time for you and Cirque.

One thought on “Cirque Du Soleil Hong Kong Auditions Oct. 20-21 2008

  1. Greetings!

    I am a vocalist who is fit, free-spirited and ready to try anything!!!!!
    Please tell me how to set up an audition or submit information!

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Jody Ebling

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