Inauguration National Anthem Mistake


Oh man, I feel bad for the guy who sang the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of the Obama inauguration and messed up the last entrance on the word “brave”. I thought a couple entrances before that seemed a bit tentative, but then thought no, that was just my imagination – they must practice this a thousand times.

Then at the very end the band stopped silent and he came in with “B” for brave – just his “b” hanging all by it’s little lonesome with so many millions of people watching. Ouch! That’s one that would have me waking up in the middle of the night in a sweat for years.

You can listen to it at 1:24 in this video clip.

UPDATE: Mmmm…..I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else and no comments. Maybe there was no mistake, and it was just an audio bug in the time delay?

Chime Long Circus – Guangzhou China


A large group of us from Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show went to see the Chime Long International Circus in Guangzhou, China. It was a fantastic show. The Chime Long circus is more of a traditional circus that includes animal acts. Music for the show is pre-recorded – no live band.

There were so many elements in this show that makes Circus so mesmerizing. There were truly death defying acts including long and high jumps without nets and the Wheel of Death – a Circus favorite. I thought the animal acts were great, although it was a little disturbing to some. There were also great moments of beauty with lush slow aerial acts.

My absolute favorite part was the end of the show when four rows of birds fly from stage left and right across the front of the stage and over the audiences heads. First I think it was pelicans followed by doves. So beautiful. If I hadn’t seen it myself I would have thought it was a projected special effect. Bravo to Chime Long International Circus!

Bach Badinerie


Two video recordings of a Badinerie by JS Bach. I have heard several absolutely horrible renditions on YouTube – but I like both of these. My favorite of these two is the first on top. The musicians take a little more chance with the tempo and interpretation – and to my ears it has a little more sizzle than the performance at the Vatican.
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Charlie Rose – Stephen Sondheim / James Lapine


Stephen Sondheim, Composer/Lyricist
James Lapine, Librettist/Director

Sondheim says you can not make an audience like something, but they have to understand the intention. Preview performances focused on making things clear to the audience.

Mario Lanza’s “Nessun Dorma”


Mario Lanza sings Nessun Dorma in the 1956 Classic, Serenade. Enjoy.

From the video author:
I didn’t make this video though, I found it and decided to spread the joy of his amazing voice to those who have not heard it. Also I wanted this to be on the video response of the Ultimate Nessun Dorma video since Mario Lanza was, unfortunately, not included in that video. Therefore I wanted to “add” him by doing a video response for all to see this. So yeah. Like I said, enjoy it.