Adam Guettel

Adam Guettel is the composer and lyricist for “The Light In The Piazza” – a musical, but really worthy of the title “opera”. I’ll tell you first why Piazza and Guettel interest me, and then following will be more biographical info and article links.


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Leonard Bernstein – What is Orchestration?


Leonard Bernstein. Young people’s concerts. What is Orchestration?. March 8, 1958

Bernstein discusses orchestration beginning with Rimsky-Korsakov live performance examples. He also plays examples of bad orchestration.

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Debunk: Psalm 118:8 is center of Bible

*UPDATE 06/21 – Thank you to a commenter who made me aware that there is no longer an article on this topic at the Snopes website. So, the info in this post – to the best of my knowledge – is redacted and not accurate. I am always happy to be corrected when new facts come to light. Thank you!*

Another urban legend debunk – this time about the “center” verse of the bible. The claim is that the verse at the very middle of the bible might contain an extra important message – and that the verse is Psalm 118:8 which reads: “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.”

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