The Clown (Le Queloune)


Everybody’s afraid of zombies… But try to imagine your self waking up from the dead… How would you feel?


This may be sick, but I actually sort of feel for the clown : /

Like, it really doesn’t seem that he has the intention of hurting anyone at first, seeing how terrified and ashamed he looks when he sees the woman, but he has to do what he has to do to survive.

To be fair, if I woke up from the dead with my brain intact but a decaying body, I’d be in a desperate situation for food and water too. I’d eat any of you guys here without a second thought! : D

One thought on “The Clown (Le Queloune)

  1. We can stop these senseless killings using a little logic!

    Number one – this zombie was male. How do we know? The first thing he looked for after rising from the dead was food.

    Solution? A drive-thru McD’s across from all cemeteries. Once fed, the male will return to the graveyard for a nap.

    Female zombies require slightly more attention. Next to the McD’s should stand a fully-stocked, self-serve, home decorating outlet, offering no-limit credit cards with indefinite repayment terms. The female will quickly return to her new digs and begin non-stop renovations.

    🙂 This has been a public-service announcement, keeping your world a little safer!

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