The Star Will Shine Again

Words and Music by Conrad Askland (ASCAP). “The Star Will Shine Again” © 1997 Conrad Askland.

To date, this is the shortest song that I’ve ever written. It’s actually Part Three of four songs that go together as “The Star”. I wrote this in the 90’s to create a Christmas album for a youth theater group that they could use as a fundraiser.

As simple as this song is, it’s one of my favorites. The simplicity of the lyrics and the innocence of the child’s voice give me hope and optimism for our collective future.

“For I know as sure as anything: The Star will shine again.”

Merry Christmas!


If I could see a thousand miles
And live as many years
It would never be too long of a wait
Until the Star appears

True, I may be hard to see
Small from the skies
So I send to you a shining light
A beacon from my eyes

I wait now in the bitter cold
Staring out to heaven
For I know as sure as anything
The Star will shine again

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