Tulips from Skagit County



I was sent these photos of tulip season in Skagit County, Washington (USA). I don’t know if it was the sender’s intention, but the photos sure make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest of the US. This is a normal spring view in Mount Vernon, WA. A view that even locals know better than to take for granted. Photos by Gary Brown, a great supporter of the arts in Skagit County.


4 thoughts on “Tulips from Skagit County

  1. So it comes to this. My first 2009 view of Skagit fields comes from China! Theatre ate my schedule again. Ooo, I’m entrenched in Fiddler madness!!! Madness I tell you.

  2. Conrad,

    We miss you in Mt. Vernon. Every Sunday I realize how blessed we were to have you at our church. Yes the tulips are beautiful.


  3. Hi Molly,
    I really miss Skagit County – I had a wonderful time there working with the theater groups and the church. A perfect time….

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