Fan sings NOI from ZAIA Cirque Du Soleil


A ZAIA fan has recorded their own rendition of the song NOI from the show, complete with photos from the Zaia theater performances and pics of the band. (Hey, I’m in those pics!). Chicago Rose who performs this song in the show with the cast says “I love it”. And I think it’s pretty darn cool too.

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Tulips from Skagit County



I was sent these photos of tulip season in Skagit County, Washington (USA). I don’t know if it was the sender’s intention, but the photos sure make me homesick for the Pacific Northwest of the US. This is a normal spring view in Mount Vernon, WA. A view that even locals know better than to take for granted. Photos by Gary Brown, a great supporter of the arts in Skagit County.

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My Most Stupid Moment Ever

The other day I’m at a Kodak shop where you can bring in your Photo CD’s and memory cards to have pictures printed up. I was going through pictures to select them for printing when I saw one that was horizontal instead of vertical – that is the picture was showing sideways on the screen instead of up and down. Since I use photos a lot on the web I always need to turn them around so they show correctly upright.

I certainly did not want to have a picture that was printed sideways so I asked the technician if the photo could be turned the correct way. I got a very strange look.

Think about it….