We Want To Stay in Conrad’s Apartment

This is a real email question I received:

hi were moving to macau this january 2011.. i would like to ask if how much
if were going to stay there in your apartment for two weeks?

My answer:

Thank you for letting me know you are coming. If you had not let me known then maybe the apartment would have been messy and that would bring shame to my family.

First off it depends where you want to sleep. I have a large couch and it’s not very expensive. My second guest bedroom has a twin bed that other guests have enjoyed. I should add in passing that my previous guests were people I already knew.

If you want to sleep in MY bed then that gets more expensive depending on the photos you send me ahead of time. Please make sure the photos are full resolution and not edited in Photo Shop. Belly rubs and foot tickling cost extra. I prefer you bring your own feathers, copper wire, tubing and 40 weight motor oil.

I have a nice view of the water which is convenient. If people get boring or talk too much I like to stare at the water.

4 thoughts on “We Want To Stay in Conrad’s Apartment

  1. hi. my brother and I are looking for a place to stay for a month or two in macao. im from the philippines and my older brother is now a canadian citizen. he wants to establish a business in macau so he needs to learn the prosess. can we stay in your apartment and how much will it cost us? just a room for both of us. around first week of january. thanks.

  2. hi.i didnt got an answer for you last time i asked. is your apartment still available? for a long term lease for 3 months atleast? thanks. and will be really hoping for your reply or help if you know some place we can rent. thanks

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