ZAIA Celebrates 1,000th Show


On Sunday March 20, 2011 the Cirque Du Soleil show ZAIA celebrated it’s 1,000th performance. The ZAIA cast had a big party at the Venetian casino in Macau along many of the artists and crew from the ZED and KOOZA shows. Here are some videos from Aomen (Macau) TV that I believe were released in December, 2010. It shows behind the scenes talks with a trapeze catcher and artistic director in the ZAIA show.

Hard to believe it’s been over three years since we began training in Montreal for the show. It’s been a very interesting time here in Macau, China!


One thought on “ZAIA Celebrates 1,000th Show

  1. That was right on point to answer my show evolution query. It’s ALIVE! (I love organic art.)

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