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Askland Records is an easy to deal with one-stop that represents publishing and master owners. Default publishing is Askland Publishing (ASCAP) and Conrad Askland is an ASCAP writer. Formerly under the Road Records label.

As of 2016, Askland Records represents the following artists:

(alphabetical order)

  • 760 Crew
  • Baby Sleep Ensemble
  • Benjamin Trucale
  • Cheer Trax (Cheer Tracks)
  • The┬áBarking Dogs
  • Conrad Askland
  • Cybermonsters
  • Dr. Akula
  • Hal Loween
  • Halloween Sound Effects
  • Jam Track
  • Los Dorkos
  • Meditations For Life
  • Nature’s Music
  • Nursery Tunes
  • Rap Track (Rap Trax)
  • Santa’s Farting Elves
  • Zakari Music Therapy



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Pianist, composer and audio producer. On the internet my handle is "Cybermonsters", including the public forum discussion groups that me and my friends admin.

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