Shure VP88 Battery Compartment


I’ve been going crazy trying to remember where the battery compartment is for my Shure VP88 microphone. I could not find any info online to open up the battery and put in a new battery for the VP88.

The Shure user manual says to twist the bottom to open the battery case and sure enough it’s just that easy. You do not have to undo the philips style scree on the chassis. Just twist the bottom section.

I’ve included a photo here in case anyone else has the same problem, so you can see which section to twist in order to open the battery compartment.

The Shure VP88 takes camera style batteries. Here is the correct type of battery on Amazon:


I’ve had my Shure VP88 for almost 15 years now. I use it primarily for field recordings where I need a wide stereo ambient pickup and details in the recording. I’ve read that many people use these as drum overheads and for studio recording. My VP88 has been used solely for nature recordings and is my #1 pick for all ambient recordings. It also does Mid Side (M/S) recording.

Here is the Shure VP88 on Amazon:

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