“If You Were Ever To Go” | Retro jazz standard-type ballad love song

“If You Were Ever To Go” | Words and Music by Conrad Askland. Vocals by Leisha Skinner.

I’ve had a surprising spike of interest in this song today on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/ConradAskland.¬† “If You Were Ever to Go” is a retro jazz standard-type ballad love song for female vocals, piano and strings with a Nelson Riddle orchestra vibe.

I actually wrote this song back in 2016 while taking the class “Music for Film and TV” with Berklee College of Music. It was an assignment to write a song that could be used as background music while two people danced and talked in a lounge with a live band playing in the background. This class focused on writing stylistic music that could be used by music supervisors for placement in tv shows and web series.

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