100 Rules for Drummers

100 Rules for Drummers is a video compilation put together by my Rock of Ages bandmate and drummer, Steve Such. The catch is: each person could only use three words. My contribution is around #4 with “wear  your earplugs!”

Peter Erskine, Jeff Hamilton, Zoro, Johnny Rabb, Curt Bisquera, Ari Hoenig, Victor Indrizzo, Jonathan Mover, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Steve Fidyk, Bermuda Schwartz, Dan Needham, Bruce Becker, Conrad Askland, Bill Bachman, Jeff Queen, Pete Lockett, Andre Boyd, Nick Ruffini, Dave Kropf, Richie Gajate-Garcia, Tim Lefevbre, and many more give their top piece of advice to drummers.

Some of the 100 rules for drummers include:

  • Rock the pocket
  • Don’t follow – lead
  • Keep the Vibe
  • Take Every Gig
  • Be Musical First
  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Funky
  • Time is Everything
  • Never Underestimate Showmanship
  • Pocket, Groove, Dynamics
  • Not Just Chops
  • Develop Your Sound
  • Imitate, Assimilate, Innovate
  • Serve the Song
  • Know Your Place
  • Keep It Solid
  • Practice With Purpose
  • Don’t Slow Down
  • Bury the Click
  • Snare, Kick, Hi Hat
  • Leave Some Space
  • Make It Swing
  • Foundation Comes First
  • Match Band Dynamic
  • Don’t Get Complicated
  • Also Play Percussion
  • Be On Time
  • Be The Beat
  • Show Up Prepared
  • Nail the Form
  • Record Yourself Daily
  • Daily Practice Consistency
  • Always Critique Yourself
  • Make It Groove
  • Accompany With Dynamics
  • Prudence, Perseverance, Patience
  • Don’t Burn Bridges
  • Communicate With Soloists
  • Improve Your Listening
  • Steal Everyone’s Licks
  • Explore Found Sounds
  • Time Comes First
  • Follow Your Ears
  • Always Be Present
  • Never Give Up

Great job Steve Such on creating this awesome video!

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