Adam Baldwin – My Bodyguard fight scenes


Clip from My Bodyguard movie starring Matt Dillon, Chris Makepeace, Adam Baldwin, Ruth Gordon from 1980.


Classic clip from My Bodyguard where the bully Mike gets his ass kicked! Excellent Movie from 1980!!

I have been watching the sci-fi series Firefly and really enjoy the character that Adam Baldwin plays. That made me remember when I first saw him in the movie “My Bodyguard” back in 1980. Chris Makepeace and Adam Baldwin are around the same age as me so My Bodyguard was a powerful movie for me when it came out that I could relate to.

Here I posted the two fight scenes from My Bodyguard. What a great film for the time.

You can find more information about Adam Baldwin at:

Adam Baldwin (born February 27, 1962) is an American actor known for his roles as Animal Mother in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Ricky Linderman in My Bodyguard, Knowle Rohrer in The X-Files, and Marcus Hamilton in Joss Whedon’s Angel. He also established a cult following as Jayne Cobb in the series Firefly and the movie Serenity. He currently stars as John Casey on the NBC comedy-spy series Chuck.

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