AI Image Creation – New Ways of Thinking

The image above is “Ludwig van Beethoven portrait as a New York rapper”, or at least this is what the AI created using OpenAI Dall-E. Over the past few months I’ve been mostly playing around with AI that is text-based. It is interesting to see what AI comes up with for graphics. For my work, I do see uses for using AI to create images; mainly in the areas of character development, costume design and set design for theater works.

I have some new albums being released pretty soon. Maybe us AI to create some of the album covers?

If you have some tips and tricks you use in the arts for generating AI images, please let me know about them!

Here are some random prompts I typed into the AI engine and the resulting images it created:

“Ludwig van Beethoven portrait as a New York rapper”

“Classic portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach wearing a Baroque powdered wig as a famous rap artist and wearing sunglasses”

“Photo of a man playing piano while riding a unicycle”

“A piano that is also a futuristic spaceship”

“a stained glass window depicting the Flying Spaghetti Monster”

“teddy bears shopping for groceries in Japan, ukiyo-e”

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