AIDA Keyboard Synth Patches Info

Email question received about synthesizer for the AIDA Broadway musical:


Do you know what keyboard model was used for the original production of “Aida”? There are sounds listed (Pyramiding Glints of Dawn, Royal Bam, Punch) that I have no idea what they sound like.

I have access to a Motif and Clavinova. Any suggestions?

Thank you!



Hi Jim,

Yes, you should be fine with a Yamaha Motif and Clavinova. To my memory there are 3 keyboard parts though for Aida: Piano, Keyboard 2 and Keyboard 3. So you might need another synth.

To my knowledge there is no such patch as “Pyramiding Glints of Dawn” or “Royal Bam”. It’s kind of a geeky keyboard player joke. Most of the sounds used for AIDA are pretty standard; like you could cover the whole show using an older Roland D-50 if you needed too.

You’ll want to listen to the soundtrack for a little guidance on picking patches. You can also search my blog for many other posts on the AIDA musical orchestration and music tips.

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