Auditions for Disney’s High School Musical – Dec. 6 and 7, 2006

hsm_audition_poster.gifAudition Times, Free Audition Workshop and HSM Audition Tips.

Theater Arts Guild (T.A.G.) is having open auditions for Disney’s High School Musical on December 6 and 7 2006. For direct info and to schedule an audition time visit the Theater Arts Guild Website.
Auditions Tuesday, December 6th at 4, 5, 6:30, or 7:30 pm Wednesday, December 7th at 4, 5, 6:30, or 7:30 pm at the TAG rehearsal hall at 121 South 12th Street, a half block south of Division Street in Mount Vernon.

Directed by Scott McDade. Choroeography by Donna Carroll. Music Direction by Conrad Askland


A free audition workshop will be held November 29th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. at the TAG rehearsal hall at 121 South 12th Street, a half block south of Division Street in Mount Vernon.

Although the workshop is open to anyone who wants to sharpen their audition skills, it’s designed especially for people who have never auditioned before. Bring your audition song (with a tape, CD, or sheet music) and your dramatic reading – and get ready to have fun exploring how far you can take your performance!
Space is limited. Visit the TAG Website to register.


This is a hip hop / pop musical. Check out the video, it’s been a hit on Disney. The plot is fun with lots and lots of roles for many people, not just a couple of leads. We will have a tight hip hop crew for our live band and it will probably drive a lot harder than the movie version. This unique musical has room for basketball players, urban style dancers and DJ’s in the pit.

KNOW WHAT PART YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR – If you are auditioning for Sharpay or Evan, you might want to try traditional musical theatre pieces – upbeat pieces ala “Copacabana”. For Sharpay or Evan, strong dance skills are essential – and we’d like to see you dance and sing at the same time. If you are auditioning for Troy or Gabriella, do a modern hip hop/pop piece. Especially for Troy’s role we’ll want to hear some soul and hip hop inflections. Don’t know what role you’re going for? Then do a SHORT bit of each type of music.

We may be looking for some specific elements including:

1) Male and Female lead that can sing pop/hip hop with effortless ease, appearing as “natural” untrained talent.

2) Male and Female lead that are hyper-trained in voice and dance. They are slick with over the top synchronized talent.

3) BASKETBALL PLAYERS – Males that are wizards with a basketball and can shoot hoops well.

4) Shy, smart, sensitive actor that can play easy piano. (At the level of “Let It Be” by the Beatles). Singing not imperative for this role.

5) PIT BAND – Contact Conrad Askland here on this website (click “Home”, then click “Contact” link on right). We are going to rock the house. I need a DJ that can scratch records live and a tight hip hop crew to work with audio samples. I also need some percussionists (already have bass/drumkit) and two versatile, grooving guitar players that can read charts.

6) HIGH SCHOOL MUSICIANS – Want to get your school involved? We can use a small marching band and also a drum line.

7) LOTS of roles for male hip hop dancers/basketball athletes that can sing. Also lots of female supporting roles with some singing. IF YOU SING STRONG HIP HOP, I strongly encourage you to audition.


Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) is one of the protagonists in the movie, the basketball team captain. He has a great voice that he first discovered in the beginning of the movie when he was singing karaoke with Gabriella Montez at a New Years Eve party. Troy has to face his friends with his new passion for singing and face his father, who is also his basketball coach. He comes to realize that he has strong feelings for Gabriella and also manages to both play in the basketball team and sing in the callbacks for the school musical with Gabriella. He is friends with Chad Danforth and the team.

Gabriella Montez

Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) is the shy and brainy new student at East High. She originally meets Troy Bolton at a Ski Lodge on New Years Eve. It is there she realizes her love for singing, previously only being “The Freaky Math Girl”. She had previously been in church choir, but when singing solo, she, quote “looked at all the people staring at me and next thing I knew I was looking at the ceiling. End of solo career.” Sharpay and Ryan find out that she has won numerous Scholastic Competitions and try to get her to join the Scholastic Decathlon by showing an article to Taylor, the leader of the scholastic decatholon team, because they are afraid that she wants to try out for the musical. She and Troy, against all odds, audition for the Winter musical and win the roles that they auditioned for. She comes to realize that she has strong feelings for Troy and also manages to both do the scholastic decathalon and sing in the callbacks for the school musical with Troy.

Sharpay Evans

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) is the antagonist of the story who is shown as an arrogant, domineering, and overall brattish person. She had always had the lead role in musicals since kindergarten, and is very mean to Kelsi, the composer, saying that Kelsi’s compositions are nothing without her and her brother. Sharpay is the more cunning of the Evans twins, and doesn’t treat her brother Ryan very well. Sharpay changes the callbacks date to prevent Troy and Gabriella from getting the roles, but it doesn’t work out. However, at the end of the show, she has a change of heart and wishes Gabriella luck. Also, she initially rejects Zeke, but after tasting his cookies, she falls for him and is seen hugging him in the end.

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel) is Sharpay’s brother and acting partner. They’ve starred in 17 school musicals together. Ryan isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, as shown by his inability to read a sign the Basketball team made out of letters on their shirts which read “Go Drama Club!”. He doesn’t have any friends besides Sharpay so he usually follows her around. Ryan is the nicer of the two twins. He sings both ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ and ‘Bop to the Top’ with Sharpay and also has a small solo in ‘We’re All in This Together.’

Taylor McKessie

Taylor McKessie (Monique Coleman) is the leader of the school scholarly/science club, which competes in the scholastic decathalon. She befriends Gabriella when she came to the school and, by means both foul and fair, convinces her to join the scholastic club. While she at first tried to stop Gabriella from singing, she eventually ended up supporting her.

Chad Danforth

Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu) is a member of the Wildcats team. He seems to be extremely devoted to basketball. From the start he’s a little selfish and unsupportive of Troy’s auditioning for the musical. He thinks that the musical isn’t for basketball players. However, he realizes later that singing is something that Troy truly enjoys and so Chad gives his support to his best friend’s audition endeavor. He also falls for Gabriella’s best friend Taylor McKessie.

Minor characters

Ms. Darbus

Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed) is the harsh drama teacher at East High. Her nemesis is Coach Bolton (Troy’s father), and she will only ease up on talented singers. She likes to pronounce ‘musical’ with a flourish, using a French accent.

Coach Jack Bolton

Coach Jack Bolton (Bart Johnson) is the Wildcats’ coach and Troy’s dad. He is a former champion Wildcat player, and, like everyone else, expects the same thing of his son. His nemesis is Ms. Darbus, who puts two of his players in detention on a basketball practice day.

Kelsi Nielsen

Kelsi “Playmaker” Nielsen (Olesya Rulin) who receives her nickname from Troy, and also “Small Person” from Chad, is the composer of the Twinkle Town musical, which includes the songs “What I’ve Been Looking For” and “Breaking Free”. Kelsi is not the most confident person as noted by her reaction to Sharpay’s comment that Kelsi’s knowledge about musicals is not very large, however she gains confidence throughout the film and at the end of the movie, ends up standing up for herself.

Zeke Baylor

Zeke (Chris Warren Jr) is a member of the Wildcats team. He is interested in baking (revealed during Stick to the Status Quo) and he likes Sharpay. At the end of the movie Sharpay starts to like him for his excellent skills – and cookies. Also, as he says in Stick To the Status Quo, he wants to bake the perfect crème brûlée.

Jason Cross

Jason (Ryne Sanborn) is also a player in the Wildcats team and eventual love interest for Kelsi Neilsen. It is shown in the finale that Jason takes off Kelsi’s hat, revealing her wavy brown hair and helps her shoot the game ball.

Martha Cox

Martha (Kaycee Stroh) has a solo in “Stick To The Status Quo” confessing that she thinks Hip-hop is cooler than homework. She is the only girl other than Sharpay who appears in the finale. She also appears in a few scenes with the scholastic decathlon team.

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  1. I havn’t seen this movie but I would like to know are there any african american lead roles. thank you

  2. Hi Darion,
    The roles are not dictated by ethnic background, so all roles are open to all ethnicities.

    With this particular production I think you will sell it short to only look at the leads, there are many supporting roles that all get a chance to shine. Hope to see you at auditions.

  3. Hi Darion,
    I’m just wondering what the age range for the aditions are. I think I might be too young for this but I would really like to try! Thanks

  4. Hey Darion,
    I was just wondering what the age range was for the charactors of this show because I would really like to try out but I think I am a little too young. I might just be too young for a lead but maybe I could be in th ensable or play the role Kelsey. Thank you!

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    i,m getting the movie i,m always singing to the karaoke and i,ve been in
    love with singing scince i was 5 years old i,m just highschoolmusicals biggest and craziest fan EVER

    thankyou i love you high schoolMUSICAL.

  6. I would like to clariy that although this is indeed Disney’s High School Musical, these auditions are not for Disney, it is for local community theater in Mount Vernon, Washington.

  7. Dear High School Musical i want to know about the Audition is i think it was the
    East High School, Ms,Darbus i love to Sign up for the Winter Musical.

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  10. Hi my name is nikki i have always wanted to sing and show everyone that i am not this shy girl i have sang solo’s in plays and choir performances but thats not enought i love this show by the way haha and do you have any parts that would fit for me if you wanted me to?

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    eddie washington

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    Thank you,


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  55. Hello Darion,
    I had a few questions before I made my descision about auditioning.
    First of all, is this a community production or will you be performing in other Areas also?

    For those who do decide to audition, do we need to prepare a short monologue on our character or just a song and a dance?

    Thank you for your time.



  57. Hi Me and My cousin Cora have been taking acting classes and took one on High school musical.We would love to be in #3 please.Thank you from Cassie and Cora!;)

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    dance , i will also do my best and will have what it takes..

  66. Hi Darion!My name is yana.I whoud realy like to be in audition , but i do have a little bit of an acsent or my home laguage.I speak russian.And also english/I hope im not to yuong and if you can contac me please.

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    and i was wondering if you can e-mail me for some questions i have.
    i love to dance and sing thats what i do everyday.
    i have been dancin since i was 4.
    well yea please e-mail me.

  68. ok well i just wont to let you know that i have a huge huge huge passion for acting and expecily singing and i think im really good at it to and i also wonna let you know that a will work day and night and try my best to meake it to the top and i just wont all of you to know that and im a pretty good dancer too i just would need to practece the moves alot but i know all the words and the dance moves to hsm

  69. I want to be in the third movie with the cast High School Musical 3, when I get the part of the ghost I’ll hold Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale & Monquie Coleman,when the cast of the musical catch me in the ghost outfit i’ll be dancing with them to We’re all in this together.

  70. does anyone know any info about how to sign up for auditions for HSM3?? please reply!! thanks!

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  72. if you ever have any auditions for Hms3 i’m your guy,i know how to sing because i had classes of chorus but how old do you have to be to audition for Hms3

  73. hi.
    i would be interested in auditioning for one of the lead roles in high school musical 3. I think that i am well qualified in all the departments necissary. i am from the east coast and was wondering where the audition would be and if far, are they excepting video auditions.

  74. Hi my name is Matthew Compton im 16 years old and very interested in the auditions for high school musical 3.
    Iv just finished performing in high school musical down in London where I play Chad, I thurally enjoyed it and I was even invited to the premier of hsm2 and to meet the cast.
    Down where I live I have bin in about 28 shows and I am a budding actor, singer and dancer.
    If you could get back to me if you have any infomation about how I could go about auditioning I would be very grateful
    Thank you

  75. I think I can act and I like to act in this movie one of the big roles I can be main character but I am non union is that ok?

  76. its sarah, by background is jordanian ( i have tan skin),im 16. i really want to become an actrees but my parents think that i should become a doctor, becaue they have never seen me act before, because they never have time. But i know i can act, and my friends and teachers have been trying to help me persue my dream in the acting business because they know that i can go far in it i am a really good actress,and i hope you can give me an oppurtunity to show my parents that i am good and that i can make it in the acting business.

  77. heyya,, i love to act, sing and dance. This film would of been perfict for me but i was to late in noticing it,, if you ever decide to make a film such as this one again or even a thir one then i would be more than happy to audition,, i would be over the moon,, please contact me if anything comes along

  78. hi, let me know if there is any auditions for gabriella. i do live in liverpool, england but i really need to change my life because people pick on me for being in top set for biology, chemistry, physics and english. please? i need to show people i’m not a geek. cya luv Jenny x

  79. I do love singing and dancing and i am very exited about going to florida in january 13th for two weeks, but i’ll miss the auditions. i also ice skate which is really fun and me and my mates have heaps of fun!

  80. dis its about auditions, but i heared that Venessa Anna Hugens got fired because…
    Can anyone tell me why nshe got fired.[details]

  81. Hi everyone i live in central america but i am from boston i really like hsm and i know that there will be future productions i want to auditon for those future productions i am a very good singer,actor,and dancer i always participate in my school plays and recieve dance clasess so i am a little experienced!! I need a lot of help because because i want to satrt acting now i dont want to start at the age of 20 or 30 now i am 15 i look a little younger but now is the time please tell me what to do im here in Cent.A and i just have muny to pay a passege i cant pay a hotel in LA so please help i won disapoint any body !!! whish me luck .. see ya

  82. Hello my name is Jerome. I like HSM and I will like to take part or to even have an important role in the next HSM (musical High school 3) moreover I always wanted to meet the actors of HSM. I measure 1m80, I am only 15 years old but I already took courses of song and theatre. On the other hand the dance it is unfortunately not my strong point and if I dance it is really that for me. At the beginning, it was said to me that for the theatre I was very gifted, but I know that it is not theatre but of television. I was going to forget, I also play of the music (guitar, traditional or electric and of the battery). I have ideas full the head and a suitable average at the school. As you could certainly notice it I am French on the other hand I maitrise rather well English but unfortunately I do not have a very good English diction (American) but all that can be corrected.

    PS: I know that with all that I said, it will be has my impossible opinion that you contact me, but after why wouldn’t I try not my chance like everyone?

  83. hi u all , my name is futoon & i just turned 14 last month , i’ve been a disney fan since i was 7 yrs old , i love all the stars in it & every thing , my life goal this yr is to make my dream come true is to be a {disney channel star – actress – singer – dancer } I’M TAK’N DANCE CLASSE & VOICE LESSONS & ACT’N SKILLS CLASSES …. , 7 im a born athlec 🙂 ! { my personalaty is { fuuny – fun to be with – insane – & full of energyy } !!!! & im rly friendlyy too my fav movie is high school musical 2 & my fav show is ( hannah montana ) plz plz help me make my dream come true & im from the middle east so i know that i need an agent to go audition , but can atleast i get the date or any avalibol roles , plz if u can help ! 🙂


  84. I need to act! My parents keep telling that this is a just dream. They are not rude about it but… they just don’t want me to get my hopes up and then have them crushed. I go around my house singing High School Musical 2 all the time. I act all the time too. One time I acted like I got hurt at school and all of the students and the teacher believed me. Acting is something I HAVE to do. I need to sing also. Every time I think about acting (which is all the time)I fill up with this passion that I can barely contain!! I would really like to know when some auditions for Disney Channel are. Well, I LOVE TO ACT!!!!

  85. I know tons of kids have the same dream that I do and I just wanted to wish all of them and all of ya’ll good luck. Go and fulfill your dreams!

  86. Hi Guys i am gust wondering what the age limit is because i am wonting to audition i am a exalent singer and i am 14 help plz.

  87. hey my name is shaile langston i am 13 years old. i love to dance. i am very out going and love to meet new peope. i like to sing and i want to act as well. i love the high school musical movies they are really like my al time favorite. i dream about being on the movie alot and i really would like for my dream to come true so i really want to audition!! plz!!!!

  88. HEY! I am Sarah F. I am a great singer. I am on the best choir team at my school. I am great at solo’s and a great dancer also. I was a cheerleader for a while and loved it. I performed at the half time show in the Pro-bowl this year. It was so fun. Thank you!

  89. If you need someone who acts all the time, I am the one for you! When I go to sleep at night I lie in my bed and act. I try to explain my passion for acting to my friends but they don’t really get it. I sing all the time too! I even wrote a song about my dream to be an actress! I am trying to persuade my mom to let me take dance lessons also. I am in chorus at school and have learned many new techniques from that class. I have gotten straight A’s my whole life and plan to keep getting straight A’s. I also do my very BEST in EVERYTHING that I do. I have to ACT TO LIVE AND I LIVE TO ACT!!!

  90. I don’t care what it is, I just want some information on auditions for the Disney Channel. I would would really like some information on High School Musical 3 auditions. Thank you soooo much!! Ya’ll ROCK!!

  91. I need some help to try to get these HSM2 songs out of my head! Well, actually they can stay in my head cuz I luv them!

  92. I’m sorry I keep writing things I am just bored and I can’t stop thinking about acting! (and singing) Guess what? I am learning French!! It is soo kewl! I already know some now! I am soo excited! Well, bye!

  93. This is Actress… again. I wondering how to get an agent. I keep hearing that you need to get one to get into acting but I don’t know how to get one. So, if you know anything about that, could you please explain that process to me? Thanks!

  94. hiiiiiii every one im rajat i would be extremly happy if u select me in ur competetion

  95. hi my name is marija i really need to know when the 2007 auditions are you need to tell me i really want this when they are and where they are and what age thanksa hope you tell me soon

  96. also its me danielle again tell me if im in your show and ware it is well the studio is and you can here my great vois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Guess what? As you can tell its Actress again! I going to be in my church’s Christmas Program! I am in a skit(YAY! ACTING!), a dance, an interpretative movement, and the youth choir! I am soooo excited! I memorized ALL of my lines for the skit in about an hour. I already consider myself an actress, but I really want to be a famous one!

  98. I Hope Some Of You Do Get Put In Hsm3 =]
    I Love Singing,And Acting I Go To Acting Classes And Singing Classes, Dance Lol 🙂 And My Fave Character Out Of Hsm Has Got To Be Ashley Tisdale 🙂 She Is Awsome x

  99. hi. my names cori. i would liek to audition. my folks are trying their best to get me in a play or musical. i am 14 and it would be sooo wonderful if i could get a chance to audition.

  100. Afternoon Im 13 and I live in Fl, I know that I have a voice. I would love to audition for this new movie only thing is it’s in Washington. I wish you guys had an audition all over like American Idol. I would sing for you right now if I could. Just to wow you out of your pants lol thanks

    Again I wish I could be in your movie.

  101. i just wanna start my life on a good foot becaus e i am looking to persue life early i love acting but lack orf resourses so all i just want is a chance

  102. Hey im 13 years old and im from Niton Junction Alberta,Canada. I am good at basketball and volleyball and love the game’s. I am also a dancer i have danced since i was only three years old i have done jazz,ballet and Hip Hop but my favorite is Hip Hop. I also like to ride horses i compete in rodeos and other events. I can sing i just havent had experience singing in front of anyone yet that is why i would love to audition for high school musical it would be an amazing experience,and since i live in canada it might seem that it is a problem to get to the states but it isnt i could be there in 4 hours or so if i was wanted for the movie lol. I just don’t know how to get more imformation because it would be ashame for me and my mom to travel all that way for me to audition if we had to just come right back home to Canada. I know that there is a slim chance that i would actually be on the movie high school musical but i am a very positive person and i have confidence in myself and that i am talented enough i can do a lot of different things and i am a good fun person.

    I would love to be on hsm3 a lot.!!!!

  103. hi i name hoa from viet nam movie high schoolmusical 1 and 2 very fun and dance very night me 20old i like movie here and v.v…………

  104. i am wondering if i could audition. i am 14 years of age and hve experience. i have been to the sylvia young theatre school. coould you contact me a.s.a.p many thanks harri

  105. Hey okay well, I have auditions for HSM but I’ve now been called back for Mrs. Darbus, do you have any tips on how I could possibly emphasize that I would be the better choice for the role?

  106. ACT!!! ACT!!! ACT!!! That’s all I can think about! I just feel like this is what I need to persue. But… I don’t know how to persuade my parents to get me into an audition somewhere besides school or church. Well, I gotta go ACT!ACT! ACT! (I love it!)
    Just so you know this is like my 1000 comment that I have left on here! LOL!

  107. My 13 year old would like to audition for HSM 3. She sings with the San Francisco Girls Chorus, and has been in several stage productions.

    Can you let me know when and where? Michelle

  108. Dear Troy and Gabriella i have all ways dreamed of being a film star.Please let me audition for High school musical 3 i have got an ama zing voice love katie sims ++++++++*

  109. Hi I am interested in playing the part of Taylor because i think that I am really good and i will work hard to make this what it is needed to be
    ~Ayanna ramzah~

  110. I love troy sooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i can sing very good i practice everyday and i have lots of high school musical things please let me be in high school musical 3 please please please! I know im good and i will work hard i can also dance i practice everyday!!!!

  111. today at my school Ben l smith high schoo we had a group of kids perform the high school musical songs they were really good and i loved it so much that i got up on the stage and danced with them i loved it and i knew all the moves to were all in this together i was singing scince i was 8 and i performed in many places and the truth is i really don’t want people to hear me sing but now i do im not afraid i love high school musical i have lots of high school musical things and i know i can sing and dance im their #1 fan! and even if i dont make the cut
    Go wildcats!!!!


  112. I know how to act and sing and if I was going to be in this movie I want to be a extra. My dream is to be an Aatress if I do I would go to charities and pet and rescued to save people and animals because that’s what i love doing and being part of a movie that would be amazing.

  113. hello i luv sharpay i wud luv to be her i am 15 yrs old plez let me be her lol and i can sing really good luv sian

  114. hi i luv gabriella i wud luv to be her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much when i grow up i want to be a actress but if i don’t get the part i wiil luv to be sharpay or tarlor if i am not in hsm i will be upset but i luv hsm any way its gr8

  115. hey wats the age range 4 children?would realy like to odition pleas reply thanx

  116. Hi~ I would like to know where can we find-out if they will have any more audition for the high school musical?? or any Disney’s musical kind of movie??
    I would liketo audition so bad but never get to find out the information before hands…

    thank you!!

  117. hey Hsm cast. I dont know why but I have only picked up the courage to do this because when I told my mates they laughed. So I left them. Anyway for some reason I have a big passion for music and acting. I am a very talented person as I have got straight A’s in P.E, English, Science, Music, Performing arts, Maths and I.T. I also get B’s in geography, History and German. Not just that but I have taken part in 3 school musicals and play for the football team. I’m am very intrested in what I do so please help me!

  118. I live in the uk but I can and will get to where I need to be as I have asked my parents and they said its ok as they will pay for me saving the hsm cast hassal 🙂

  119. Hi I am wondering when the High School Musical Auditions are because I think I could be looking for. But my only problem is that I am bassed in England and probably won’t afford to fly over to America please contact me I can sing and can dance what ever moves you choreograph

  120. heyy

    ummm i was wodnering wheres the audition
    i was thinking about auditioning for the next gabrella montez =]

  121. plz let me have an audition i would love love to start acting and then take that on as a career pppppppppppppppplllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz i am desperate I LOVE ACTING! and im not usally one of those loud people plz let me take part!

  122. sorry me again i was wondering when it is because i can dance that is mi passion can you plz contact me so that i can be in touch of wats going on i can also sort of sing aswell and dance BRILLIANTLY chow xxxx (i am a latina )(spanish)

  123. i am 10 almost 11 and i want to auditon. i live in MA. if you could email me i would love it. i have singing& acting & dancing experiences

    thank you

  124. Hi i’m very good at acting and singing I love high school musical i want to audition for Troy Bolton because i’m also good at basketball but i’m only 12 years old please Let me auditon how old do you have to be to audition and were are they

  125. hii want to sgin up for high school musical please put me in i want to become famous please put me in

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