Billy Bob Thornton ‘Blow Up’ on Q TV


Q was visited by country-pop band The Boxmasters. The Boxmasters’s biggest claim to fame is that their singer is Oscar-winner Billy Bob Thornton. If you were listening, you heard what could best be described as a ‘showdown at the Q corral’ when Mr. Thornton took offense to our mention of his cinematic accomplishments.

2 thoughts on “Billy Bob Thornton ‘Blow Up’ on Q TV

  1. It makes no sense, the reference to BB’s cinematic career was respectful, brief and certainly secondary to the focus on his music, the interviewer was really trying to focus on the music, and BB was being a complete ass.
    I always respected his work in the past, but he obviously has problems. Thanks for posting this video.

  2. BBThornton is an arrogant self-absorbed weirdo who WOULDN’T BE on this radio Interview with his ‘band’ if not for his contributions to the MSM as an ACTOR.

    What a CREEP.

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