Charlie Rose Interviews Sheldon Adelson


Middle section includes interview with Sheldon Adelson – posted on YouTube August 27, 2007. Mr. Adelson talks about Macau and the new Cotai Strip developments.

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11,000 To Lose Casino Jobs in Macau

Thoughts from Macau (SAR) China:

“11,000 To Lose Casino Jobs in Macau” – front page featured news at today. They are referring specifically to the Sands Venetian.

Well now, not the best news for us working at the Venetian in Macau – but insiders have known it was coming. The dream to make Macau the Vegas of Asia does not come without an element of risk. Granted, Macau IS currently the largest gambling destination in the world, having already surpassed Las Vegas. But a 12 billion or so development project (just to START) by the Sands is monstrous.

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How to call Hong Kong from Macau

Here’s how to call Hong Kong from Macau (and vice-versa)

Area Code – The international telephone country code for Macau is 853. From Hong Kong, dial 001/853 before the number. When dialing an international number from Macau, you must first dial 00, followed by the country code. However, when calling Hong Kong from Macau, you need only dial the prefix 01.

Macau Patacas and Hong Kong Dollars

Thought I’d share a little practical info on the usage of Macau Patacas (MOP) and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

Both rates fluctuate a bit – but currently in 09/08 the Macau Pataca (MOP) is about  774 to 100 US dollars. Most of us just figure 8 to 1 and leave it at that. 100 HKD is worth 103 MOP.

Businesses in Macau will accept Hong Kong Dollars, but Hong Kong will not accept Macau Patacas (MOP). Unless you are making a large purchase many businesses do not give an exchange rate for HKD – so when shopping in Macau you will save some money by purchasing in Patacas instead of HKD. Most businesses have signs that say: 1 HKD = 1 MOP . In other words, no exchange.

Macau Patacas only have value in Macau – my understanding is you cannot change the money outside of the general area of Macau. So if you’re going to stock up on cash, better to do it in HKD for when you travel.

When going into China I have heard that they do not accept either MOP or HKD – so you have to exchange for Chinese currency.

I’ve made the mistake of trying to give Macau coinage in Hong Kong – and the retailers really scoff at it – as if you’ve presented them with bottlecaps or seashells.

Zaia – Chinese Promo


Info on the Cirque show ZAIA from the Venetian (Macao SAR China) in Chinese.




ZAiA™展示了一个小女孩对于宇宙无限的体会,以及居住在那里服饰华丽、稀奇古怪的天外生物。演出的名称「ZAiA™」是一个希腊词,意思是「生命」,而且它还能够让人联想到「Gaia」—— 地球的生存、自我认识及精神。

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The Zaia Taxi


Check out the Zaia Taxi – one of the great marketing ideas for the Cirque show ZAIA in Macau (Venetian Casino). For a month up to the soft opening and up to the grand opening of the show – I would say that one out of every four taxis in Macau have the ZAIA advertisement. It’s EVERYWHERE. And yes, it’s very fun to be in the show and then ride a Zaia taxi around town!

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Basketball 2008 at Venetian Macau


Kobe Bryant of the U.S. looks on during their friendly basketball game against Lithuania as part of their training for the Beijing Olympics, at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel in Macau August 1, 2008.

We’ve got some crazy crowds here at the Venetian in Macau for the USA Basketball International Challenge. I’ve never seen so many Chinese wearing in Lakers jerseys!

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Hac Sa Beach – Coloane Island (SAR) China


If you visit Macau be sure to check out Hac Sa Beach on Coloane. It’s a favorite with locals and tourists. Not quite as nice Huntington Beach, CA but it sure is relaxing. Many of my friends live on Coloane Island and have great views with daily access to Hac Sa. I went there the other day when work was getting stressful and it really did the trick. Also check out the famous institution of Fernando’s Restaurant – great Portuguese food right off the beach.


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