Cirque says Macau ZAIA here to stay

Jerry Nadal (senior vice-president for resident shows of Cirque du Soleil): ‘We’re here for the long hall’ as reported April 7, 2010 in the Macau Daily Times. Full article posted here with link to original MDT article at end of post.

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Castles Made of Sand

Castles Made of Sand
Music, Lyrics and Vocals by Karin Maria Andersson
Guitar and video by Olivier Milchberg
Macau (SAR) China, January 2010

This video has clips from the Cirque Du Soleil artists of ZAIA starting in Montreal, Canada from January 2008 during training (and lots of snow!) to late 2009 backstage, and during rehearsals for the show at the Venetian in Macau (SAR) China.

For us in the show the video is extremely emotional. Some of the people in this video are no longer with us in Macau. The time of ZAIA is one that all of us will remember and many of us will cherish. The experiences we had in China for many of us were not what we expected – they were experiences and adventures we could have never imagined; many good and some painful for each of us.

I normally don’t get seen in videos or promo photos – so thank you to Olivier for getting me in there several times. Fun to see the musicians and how all of our looks changed from the beginning in Montreal to the journey in China. As our composer told us: “You all look more shiny.” I would agree. Cirque and China have allowed us to shine.

I think this video will give a sense of closure to many of us for a slice of time we spent together – a “castle made of sand”.

I am personally moved by the video in a way beyond words. Thank you to Maria and Olivier for this truly precious gift of song….

*Update: A new audio version of this song:

And a note from Olivier on this video:

Hi all my dear friends,
Here is a new video on the creation of Zaia. It’s a tribute to Zaia artists, and especially to Maria and the musicians.
I asked Maria to compose a song for it, and she did it just before leaving Macau.
These images can seem nostalgic in our situation, but the purpose of this video is only to highlight the strong and moving times we spent together; sharing sorrow and joy, as Maria says.
It’s my way to say thank you to all of you, and to express my admiration of the amazing talent of every artist. And let’s remember, even if this adventure stops right now, our talents will continue to shine and spread over the planet.

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ZAIA Band Macau


The ZAiA Band plays live musical accompaniment for Cirque du Soleil’s ZAiA show. ZAiA is a multidisciplinary circus arts show about a young girl who travels through the universe to find love. Come to Macau and dream with us! Now playing at the Venetian Macau Hotel Casino and Resort.

Music by Violaine Corradi
Directed by Gilles Maheu

ZAIA – Aomen TV

Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA on Aomen TV – Macau, China

*Note – Some people from outside Asia have told me the video doesn’t stream well which is too bad. This video is a nice overview of the show with some artist interviews.

ZAIA – 重访梦幻剧团


ZAIA Celebrates 500 Shows

ZAIA Cirque 500 Shows Poster
ZAIA Cirque 500 Shows Poster

November 12, 2009 was the celebration for the 500th performance of the ZAIA show by Cirque Du Soleil in Macau, China. Cirque founder Guy Laliberte flew in for the performance and toasted the artists and crew. Family and friends were also invited for the occasion.

Guy Laliberte and Conrad Askland
Conrad Askland and Guy Laliberte

Conrad Askland (ZAIA keyboards and assistant bandleader) and Guy Laliberte.

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Daniel Lamarre – Cirque Du Soleil


Happened to see this interview with Daniel Lamarre of Cirque Du Soleil and noticed the interview takes place in the Green Room of our ZAIA theater in Macau, China. It looks like they were still doing construction so I’m guessing this interview is from mid-2008 before the show opened.

Here is another interview with Daniel Lamarre which I would guess is at the beginning of the 2008 recession where he talks about Cirque’s visions to navigate through that time.