Disneyland Paris photos

Here are photos I took at Disneyland Paris with a Sony A7 iv camera and alternating lenses of Sony GM 35mm f1.4 and Sony GM 24-70mm f2.8. (I keep going back to the 35mm for it’s clarity and great video ability in low light)

On tour break I had the awesome opportunity to spend four days at Disneyland Paris. It was so much fun! My favorite is always the Disneyland park but I also enjoyed the Walt Disney Studios lot (in California that would be the “California Adventure” lot). I got my Premier Access pass and whizzed through the lines and THAT was fun too.

At Disneyland Paris the “Haunted Mansion” ride is called Phantom Manor. I had heard that the Paris version of the ride was darker in tone. That’s true, but it’s not wildly different than the regular Haunted Mansion ride (no spoilers here). I think I prefer the Haunted Mansion version because it’s more campy and tongue-in-cheek with the fright aspect. I like campy spooky themes more that have a little humor.

Another surprise was the Paris version of the Temple of Doom ride (Indiana Jones). I thought it was going to be like the original California version which was basically like a Pirates of the Caribbean ride with a few turns and stops. Nope! The Paris version of Temple of Doom is a full on roller-coaster with a 360 loop in the middle. After the ride I turned to the person next to me and just said “Wow!” and they said the same. It was pretty wild.

A friend asked me the difference between Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris. Overall it’s the same. Some differences are obviously there’s more French in the dialogues and overdubs. Paris doesn’t have Splashy Mountain or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (but they DO have the Peter Pan and Snow White rides in Fantasyland). The live shows were fantastic. The two standouts to me were the Lion King Live show (Disneyland) and Mickey and the Magician live show (Walt Disney Studios)

So now I’ve been to all the Disneyland Parks (California, Florida, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris) except for Shanghai. Hmmm…. who’s going to hire me for a show tour in China…



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