Dramatic Drink


I just saw this video on YouTube. The videographer (is that a word?) used my music for a short called “Dramatic Drink”. I just absolutely love it. It’s perfect. Major kudos to “damname” on YouTube for creating this.

The music is from my album “Piano Nocturnes – Conrad Askland”. I don’t remember which number nocturne this is but it’s the one in A minor. My friends call it my “Moonlight Sonata” song because it uses the same triplet minor arpeggio as in Beethoven’s original.

“Dramatic Drink” was a video response to “Dramatic Cereal” which you can see here:


C’mon now. Dramatic Drink kicks butt all over Dramatic Cereal. (My girlfriend says I should not say Dramatic Drink is better than Dramatic Cereal because it might show discrimination since Dramatic Drink uses my song). ORLY? Mmmm…….

Seriously though – Dramatic Drink has the passion and authenticity of a reflective scene from Silence of the Lambs. Dramatic Cereal is contemplative, but not dramatic. We win.

I used to churn out a lot of music. I remember one year releasing over 50 albums (under different names). Since I’ve been in China I haven’t composed a lot but have been slowly ramping up and releasing some here and there. Seeing people use my music like this makes me more inspired to create more music.

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