Fan sings NOI from ZAIA Cirque Du Soleil


A ZAIA fan has recorded their own rendition of the song NOI from the show, complete with photos from the Zaia theater performances and pics of the band. (Hey, I’m in those pics!). Chicago Rose who performs this song in the show with the cast says “I love it”. And I think it’s pretty darn cool too.

Zaia is a resident Cirque Du Soleil show performing at the Venetian casino in Macau, China which opened in July 2008.

Video Description:

This is a recording of me singing Noi by Violaine Corradi. the piece is from show Zaia of cirque du soleil.

2 thoughts on “Fan sings NOI from ZAIA Cirque Du Soleil

  1. It is the first track in the soundtrack, this version is also nice. The vision projected is on a European street, while the CD version is in a theatre!!
    I like it both!

  2. Wow, this is amazing! I really love how you did it!
    Were you also playing the accordion or was it backing track? I hope you can share with me! 🙂

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