First Autograph Request in China

This was fun for me. I went to a local restaurant on Taipa Island in Macau, China and after the waitress takes my order she comes back and says “Can I have your autograph?”. In her hands is the Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA program and she has it opened to my picture for me to sign.

After I sign the program I realize that I also want a cup of coffee. But the waitress is walking around the restaurant showing people my autograph so I can’t get her attention for several minutes. So the lesson I’ve learned in this is that there is a price to fame: It’s more difficult to get a cup of coffee…

My mother reminds me that as a child when asked for an autograph I would say “Keep it, this will be worth something someday.” I’m not quite that cocky in my old age. I look much better when dressed in humility.

3 thoughts on “First Autograph Request in China

  1. Don’t we all?! 🙂
    Hey, I got to sign an autograph after the final curtain this weekend. (Except that I didn’t use a curtain.) You stay humble. I’ll be proud for you!Sent your love to The Wiz cast and they let out a rambunctious mixture of “Ahhh, Conrad”s and just plain old crazed screams. There is still love for Conrad in the valley. (Do I dare tell you a few of the cast sang me a “We love you Suuue-oooo-Zann, oh yes we do.” …It just doesn’t work quite the same but I appreciated their shout out.)

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