Germany Moves to Ban Scientology


Hmmm….and not one quote from Tom Cruise in the article. Strange.

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BERLIN, Germany – Germany’s top security officials said Friday they consider the goals of the Church of Scientology to be in conflict with the principles of the nation’s constitution and will seek to ban the organization.

The ministers, as well as federal Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, “consider Scientology to be an organization that is not compatible with the constitution,” said Berlin Interior Minister Ehrhart Koerting, who presided over the officials’ two-day conference.

“From a number of sources, some of them not available to the public, it has been determined that (the organization) seeks to limit or rescind basic and human rights, such as the right to develop one’s personality and the right to be treated equally,” the report said.

One thought on “Germany Moves to Ban Scientology

  1. I really wish they would have given specifics about what danger the C.o.S. was to the German constitution.

    It was a disappointment that they did not.

    It kind of reminds me of the detainee situation in Gitmo. Make a charge but don’t support it, refuse to show any evidnece against the accused in court in the name of national security, while punishing them just the same.

    Oops. Sorry, I am ranting now.

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