Joining the Varekai World Tour

I am thrilled to be joining Cirque du Soleil’s show Varekai as bandleader and keyboardist on their world tour. The show has been on a world tour since 2002 and I will be joining them on the final legs in Europe and ending in the United States in 2017.

The musicians and singers are exceptional and I am truly honored to work with them. The music by Violaine Corradi is stunning. The Varekai score is some of the most beautiful contemporary music that I have ever heard. It has so much depth and nuance to the score. I first saw the show back around 2005 and again in Manila around 2010. I’ve always loved this show.

As I joined as new music director for the show, Varekai was soon celebrating show number 5,000 on their tour. In the first half of 2017, Varekai ranked #32 worldwide in ticket sales for international tours.

2017 Varekai Show schedule includes:

  • Birmingham UK
  • Nottingham UK
  • Glasgow UK (Scotland)
  • Copenhagen Denmark
  • Lyon France
  • Amsterdam Netherlands
  • Bratislava Slovakia
  • Bucharest Romania
  • Budapest Hungary
  • Prague Czech Republic
  • Sofia Bulgaria
  • Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Vilnius Lithuania
  • Tarragona Spain
  • Oslo Norway
  • Malmo Sweden
  • Tallinn Estonia
  • Riga Latvia
  • Minsk Belarus
  • Helsinki Finland
  • Stockholm Sweden
  • Allentown PA
  • Syracuse NY
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Biloxi MS
  • Hidalgo TX
  • Fort Worth TX
  • Frisco TX

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