Ju Invictus Interview


Congratulations to Ju Invictus who was recently interviewed by URB.com – We’ve known him since 2003 as “…yOuNg jU…”  on my RapDogs.com hip hop battle forums.

Read the full interview at:

Ju Invictus :: Fiyah
Reviewed by James Shahan

Which mic-shredding manimal coming out of Queens, New York is set to turn the rap world on its head? Ju Invictus, that’s who. Born in Columbia, this twenty-two year old has obviously migrated physical locations, but his goal remains the same: to take the game over. Just one listen to this man, and it won’t take long to see why his name is Invictus (which is Latin for “Unconquerable”). Chock full of similes and metaphors (like, every other line), it’s easy to see how Ju will carve out a name for himself.

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