Masaru Emoto

Let’s put this Masaru Emoto business to bed. I am asking for a scientist with a biology or chemistry background to help me replicate his experiments for publication.

It is beyond me why no one from the scientific community has stepped forward in a more public fashion to replicate Emoto’s claims. I believe unchallenged information like this does a great harm to the general public’s collective understanding of science, and yes, religion.

I have contacts for publication of our replication experiments, and I will dedicate time to monitor the experiment and create supporting audio materials for the experiment. Scientist needs to supply microscope and computer photography hookup.

I’m no scientist, but I care about possbile misinformation to the general public.

Someone recently referred to me as an “expert” in this field. I’m certainly no expert, but rely on those scientists who are. Perhaps I’m just a little more vocal than others.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just move along. If you ARE aware of this information and have disregarded it, please be aware that’s it’s impact is not on a small number of individuals.

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  1. Hi
    Are you aware of the replication study described at the following website. Very interesting, but it would have been better if Dr Emoto had not been involved. Still, its a start. We need the scientific community to take this sort of stuff more seriously

    best wishes and good luck in your quest

  2. What we need is for legitimate peer reviewed experiments in real science journals to be exactly that, and not represented as that if they are anything else.

  3. Totally agree, and in order for that to happen, the scientific community needs to be less ‘closed’ about the mind/matter interface, of which Emoto’s ideas are but one example. We need to bring scientific objectivity to this debate. But how do we get them on board?

    If I track anything else down, I’ll been in touch.

  4. There is a reason it appears to be closed. You may find that the scientific community has a unified coup to keep such information out (which should then make you question what the universal motive for this would be, as scientists come from all backgrounds and beliefs) or you may find that it is not published within the scientific community because it lacks the documentation, evidence and protocol to be admitted.

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