Palma de Mallorca, Spain photos


Photos from my tour break vacation to the island of Mallorca, Spain. Most of these photographs are from the city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. As usual, I like street photography, architecture, graffiti and interesting perspectives with lines and shapes.

This was the last of my photography workshop learning sessions as I was able to meet with two professional photographers at the local amusement park fair Fira del Ram (Fair of the Ram) for some unique perspectives with the rides. I learned that street photography is technically illegal in Spain due to privacy laws so very few of these photographs have people in them.

Besides hanging out with the local professional photographers, I also met some excellent street musicians including one of the best accordion players I’ve heard who goes by “Tony Mallorca”. You can see several videos of him playing on my YouTube channel in the “Short Video” section at:

Also got to experience a sunrise hot air balloon ride and that was a little scary to take photos from so high up but you’ll see a few below. Another highlight was visiting the Frederic Chopin and George Sand Museum in Valdemossa on the island of Mallorca, Spain. (Chopin wrote some of his piano pieces on the island of Mallorca)

These photos were taken with my Sony A7 iv camera and two lenses: a Sony GM 35mm (my favorite) and a Sony GM 35-70mm. See below for some of the photos

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