One thought on “Penn and Teller BULLSHIT: The Vatican

  1. I am really interested in the real reasons why the video about the Vatican Bullshit was removed. there may, of course, be a legitemate reason, but I have been researching the worldwide papal grasp for power, and the evidence is vast and deep, and even a brief look at history tells the story of a totally corrupt system that tries to mimic a pure one,and leaves a trail of violence, ignorance, poverty and superstition wherever it has held sway. This is a conspiracy theory that can be denied only by a bald faced liar.
    It is interesting to me that many of the best and most informative web sites re: Romanism have abruptly closed down, and now, I always keep copies of the best articles, rather than wait for them to disappear before I can get back to them. Bill Bennett at was shut out of youtube because of bringing the facts about Romanism to the public. I have personally been a victim of Roman collusion, and I know that this organization gets scarier the more you know about it.
    It is hard to believe in someones integrity when they tightly defend and hold onto an organization that has such a dreadful history. One of the things that sustains my faith in Christ is the striking accuracy of the scriptures in prophecying its appearance, its methods and its nature fully five hundred years before its appearance. This is no accident or fluke, but was written to warn us to not become entangled with it.

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