Peter Pan Tinkerbell Live Sound


Here’s a simple way to do live sound effects for Tinkerbell in stage productions of Peter Pan.

Use a colored laser pointer for Tinkerbell, preferably a professional projector made specifically for this effect (you can rent these). In the picture above you’ll see a nose flute, kazoo, metal chain to rustle for tinkle effects, a mouth buzzer and an inexpensive slide whistle.

Use these together to create realistic Tinkerbell audio fx while running the projection system. Tinkerbell is sometimes happy with light hearted buzzing sounds and sometimes angry with aggravated buzz type sounds. The slide whistle is good for “yes” and “no” responses to Peter Pan dialogue.

Since these are lighter ambient type sounds, you’ll probably want to use a condensor microphone, not a dynamic mic. If you don’t understand that, your sound engineer will. Just tell him “condensor mic”.

Total cost for Tinkerbell sound props is under twenty five dollars.

You can rent a professional Tinkerbell laser beam projector from ZFX, Inc at

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